An Introduction to Freya:  Goddess of Life, Sovereignty and Magic

In this course, we will look at the various aspects of Freya according to the literature and lore that we have to hand. We will also discuss the difficulties that the literature and lore presents, in the form of the submission of women’s power through the Christian patriarchy. It is my utmost wish that you come to know the goddess Freya for yourself, for only through your own experience of her can you truly come to understand the power and beauty of this magnificent deity.

Here I will be your guide, presenting you with the information that I have gleaned over a decade’s research into the pre-Christian religions and traditions of the Scandinavian and Northern European people. In the search for the deities of my own ancestry, I came to know and work with the gods and goddesses of the North. It is with the goddesses that I find the most resonance, and with Freya in particular.

In this course we will look at Freya from various different perspectives: as the Lady of Witchcraft, the Lady of Sovereignty and the Lady of Life. The course contains a wealth of information on Freya, as well as practial exercises to perform in order to establish and deepen your connection to her. For more information, please email me at


Introduction to Druidry: An Online Course

Joanna van der Hoeven and Robin Herne from Druid College UK have put together an online course providing an essential grounding in modern Druidry. This course consists of a pdf document file with over 100 pages of material, as well as audio files including meditations, a journeying session, a storytelling session and a chant to use in ritual. This course is tutored by Joanna and Robin via email. The cost is £75 and includes all correspondence and files. For more information, or to sign up, please email 

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